Will GC Services Settle?

will gc services settleYou may have a Los Angeles traffic ticket in collections with GC Services and be asking yourself: “Will GC Services settle?”

The problem is, once you have had your ticket referred to collections, GC Services will jack your fees WAY up – far beyond the original amount you owed.

At this point you probably just want your driver’s license back at the lowest cost possible, without having to pay GC Services. The good news is that many cases do not have to paid to GC Services in order to achieve what is in your best interest.

Don’t Settle With GC Services if You Don’t Have To

GC Services will tell you that you can no longer get a court date, and that you must pay them. They will even tell you they will release the hold on your license if you pay them a partial amount up front (this was a “new deal” as of January 2013).

The “new deal” GC Services offers isn’t really much of a deal at all – you end up paying a portion of the amount owed as a down payment in order to get your hold released, but you are still locked in to paying the full amount of the inflated balance GC Services says you owe.

What most people don’t realize is that in most cases you can get a court date, and get your license clear, and you don’t have to pay GC Services a cent to do it – in the case where you have a failure to appear.

Get Help With GC Services

It can be a confusing process when you have a ticket referred to GC Services because you are potentially dealing with three separate entities: GC Services, the DMV, and the court.

As a traffic ticket attorney who has handled thousands of cases with GC Services, I can provide you with a free consultation to let you know your rights and your options. Please contact me below.


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