What Tickets Affect My CDL?

If you are wondering, “What tickets affect my CDL?”, you may need a traffic ticket attorney to help you sort it out.

What Tickets Affect My CDL? – Failure to Appear

If you have received a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County, and have failed to appear in traffic court, your case is now with a collections agency called GC Services. This will affect your driver’s license, but in most cases you DON’T HAVE TO PAY GC SERVICES to get your license back. Call us at 888-250-8450 to find out if you can save money by not paying GC Services. If you have a failure to appear in traffic court, we can get you your license back without paying GC Services.

What Tickets Affect My CDL? – Failure to Pay

If you have been to traffic court and were found guilty (or plead guilty) and were ordered to pay fines in traffic court, but you did not pay those fines on time, then this will hold up your driver’s license as well. Unfortunately, we cannot help in this situation because you’ve already had your day in court.

What Tickets Affect My CDL When They Are Older Than Five Years Old?

If your tickets are older than 5 years old, they will no longer hold your driver’s license. In this situation, you can get your driver’s license reinstated, as long as all of your failure to appear and failure to pay traffic tickets are older than five years old. Technically you still owe money to the court, but GC Services cannot coerce you into paying them to release your license because your license is no longer on hold.

What Tickets Affect My CDL? – Get Help Now

If you’d still like to know what tickets, specifically, are affecting your CDL, we can provide a free phone consultation to advise you on how to get your license back. You can call us at 888-250-8450, email us at TrafficDefenseHelp@gmail.com, or use the Contact Form to the right.


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