What if I Have a 40508 Failure to Appear in Court on a Traffic Ticket?

los angeles ticketsDo you have a VC 40508 failure to appear in court?

There are a few common reasons why this happens, often due to inadvertence more than blatant disregard for your court date:

  1. you forgot about your traffic court date;
  2. you were expecting a courtesy notice in the mail informing you of your traffic court date; or
  3. you sent in proof of correction to the traffic court and mistakenly believed your traffic ticket was all cleared up.

Let’s face it, life gets busy.

Between work, school, and family, most of us have our hands pretty full. It’s easy to forget traffic court dates, or to show up to traffic court on the wrong day.

It’s easy to lose that copy of the citation the officer gave you after he pulled you over – you know that citation that told you when you were supposed to show up in traffic court? Yeah that one.

Sometimes the officer himself will tell you to “wait for the courtesy notice in the mail.”

So even though the date to appear in traffic court is written at the bottom of the traffic citation he gave you, you may have ignored that date because you decided to wait on the notice in the mail.

In other cases, you may have sent in proof of correction on a correctable violation such as driving with expired tags in California.

But sometimes the court never receives it or it gets lost in the mail or the traffic court forgets to update your record. The result is that you’ve now gotten a 40508 failure to appear in court charge in addition to your traffic ticket charge.

What Happens When You Fail to Appear in Traffic Court?

When you fail to appear in traffic court in Los Angeles County, your case will be sent to a collections agency called GC Services.

Don’t pay GC Services in the case where you have an FTA charge, because you can inadvertently make your situation worse.

GC Services will usually tell you to pay them in exchange for clearing the hold from your license.

But you can still get your license clear by handling your ticket in court, rather than paying GC Services. Additional benefits of handling your ticket in traffic court:

  • lower fines and fees than the amount GC Services wants;
  • get the hold cleared from your license anyway, in roughly the same amount of time;
  • protect your DMV record (if you pay GC Services and the charge is a moving violation you will receive one or more points on your DMV record, causing your insurance rates to rise).

Get Help with Your Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket in Los Angeles

If you have a Los Angeles traffic ticket with a failure to appear, you may need some help sorting out your mess.

As an experienced traffic ticket attorney, I can help you get better results in court than if you paid the collections company.

For a free consultation with me personally, you can click the button below or text “needhelp” (no spaces) to 44222.

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