Uber Partner in Los Angeles: Clear Unpaid Los Angeles Traffic Tickets

uber partnerIf you’re an aspiring Uber partner in Los Angeles County, one of the main barriers will be clearing old Los Angeles traffic tickets that are holding up your driver’s license.

If you have a failure to appear on a Los Angeles traffic ticket, you may not even be aware of it until you receive a notice from the DMV informing you of a 40509.5 hold that may turn in to a driver’s license suspension.

Or, you may get a letter from a collections agency called GC Services asking for exorbitant fees in order to reinstate your driving privileges.

As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I’ve helped thousands of drivers reinstate their driving privileges without paying GC Services, and much more affordably as well.

Become an Uber Partner, Handle Your Old Tickets

One of the main Uber driver requirements in Los Angeles is to have a valid California driver’s license.

If you have several old traffic tickets and have been driving with a suspended license like many of my clients, you may feel a bit overwhelmed – especially when GC Services is asking for astronomically high fees and especially when you’re getting conflicting stories from the DMV, the Court, and the collections agency in terms of what to do next.

As a traffic lawyer, it’s my job to separate fact from fiction and to inform you of your legal rights as it pertains to all of the various agencies that may be giving you a different story.

First and foremost, as it regards old traffic tickets, there are two types of situations that may be holding your driver’s license:

  1. Failure to appear (FTA) tickets, and
  2. Failure to pay (FTP) tickets.

An FTA ticket means you have failed to appear in court and have not seen the judge yetin this case the ticket is still pending and you don’t have any conviction yet, even though you now have an additional FTA charge.

An FTP ticket means you’ve already seen the judge and you have a conviction already, but you are late in paying your fines.

Know What to Do with FTA and FTP Traffic Tickets in Order to Become an Uber Partner

GC Services, the collections agency, will always try to collect on all FTA and FTP traffic tickets in Los Angeles County – whether or not they are actually holding your license up!

You may have old traffic tickets, and be able to become an Uber partner today and not even know it.

Here is a little known fact: you don’t have to pay FTA or FTP traffic tickets that are older than 5 years old to get your license back!

Pursuant to the 5 Year DMV Purge Rule, the DMV will purge the hold on any ticket – whether an FTA or FTP – if that ticket is older than 5 years old.

The next question I get is: Do I still owe on the tickets after the hold as been purged? The technical answer is “yes,” but the good news is you can get your license back, become an Uber partner, and start making money so you can pay off your old traffic tickets.

But first understand which tickets you have to pay to GC Services, and which tickets you can get significantly reduced in court.

As mentioned above, the FTP tickets have already been adjudicated so you aren’t entitled to another court date on those. But your FTA tickets are still pending and in Los Angeles County you can still get another traffic court date on an FTA ticket.

The benefits of handling a ticket in traffic court rather than paying GC Services are several:

  • potentially get the entire ticket dismissed;
  • definitely get fees on the ticket reduced from the amount GC Services is trying to get from you;
  • keep points off of your DMV record when the charge is a moving violation (this will keep your insurance rates low) by getting a dismissal, amendment, or traffic school;
  • keep the failure to appear charge from appearing on your criminal record (which can happen when you pay GC Services) – in traffic court it’s automatically reduced to an infraction.

Get Help Becoming an Uber Partner

If you need help handling your FTA traffic tickets in traffic court and getting your license back, I’m a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney who can handle your entire case for you from start to finish without the need for you to go to court whatsoever.

Many of my clients no longer even reside in California.

For a free consultation, you can reach me (Attorney Paul Denni) here:

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