VC 23111 Cigarette Litter

Cigarette Litter (VC 23111) in California

Many people enjoy smoking while driving. Who wants to put the ash out in their car? It’s so much easier to flick the ash out of the window.

Unfortunately, a cigarette litter traffic ticket under VC 23111 has more serious consequences than other types of traffic tickets because of the danger of fire caused by flicking cigarette litter, including ash or the cigarette butt itself, out of the window in your car.

What is “Cigarette Litter” in California?

Cigarette litter, under VC 23111 applies to any cigarette, whether lighted or not. It also applies to cigars, matches, or any flaming or glowing substance. In other words, there are not many loopholes here. The code section is designed to prevent any risk of fire and to prevent cigarette litter even if the cigarette was technically extinguished already.

Who Does VC 23111 Apply To?

You would think a vehicle code offense should apply to you only if you were driving.

However, VC 23111 actually applies to drivers and pedestrians alike!

VC 23111 says “no person in any vehicle and no pedestrian” shall throw cigarette litter, as defined above, “from or up0n any highway.”

Further, even if you threw cigarette litter onto private property, this is not a valid defense. The code section aims at preventing fire and litter alongside the road, whether the property is private or public property.

What are the Consequences of Cigarette Littering in California?

The punishment for throwing cigarette litter in California is pretty harsh. Most traffic tickets have a punishment of fines, which can be converted to community service if you have trouble paying.

For a cigarette litter traffic ticket, however, there is a punishment of fines beginning at a base fine of approximately $400, plus a minimum of 8 hours community service spent picking up litter or cleaning up graffiti.

Also, there is a mandatory court appearance for these offenses, meaning you can’t simply pay the ticket online and be done with it.

The good news is, a traffic ticket attorney can go to court for you if you are unable to make it to court yourself.

Get Help With Your Cigarette Litter Charge in Los Angeles

As a traffic ticket attorney, I can help you if you’ve been charged with cigarette littering in California. With fines and 8 hours community service as punishment for a cigarette litter conviction, there is a lot at stake.

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