VC 22348(b) Speeding Over 100 Miles An Hour

speeding over 100mph

A traffic ticket for speeding over 100 mph under VC 22348(b) is an exacerbated speeding ticket with higher than normal consequences in traffic court. Below is a discussion of the consequences for speeding over 100 mph in California.

Up to a 30 Day Suspension of Your Driver’s License

The most significant consequence of speeding over 100 mph is that the judge has the power to suspend your license for up to 30 days.  The 30 day driver’s license suspension is not required by law, but the judge has the discretion to suspend your license (many judges decide to exercise this discretion to suspend your license).

The traffic court judge doesn’t have to suspend your license for the full 30 days – he can choose to suspend it for 15 days, 10 days, or whatever he sees fit (to a maximum of 30 days).

Normally when considering whether to suspend your license, the court will examine your driving record for any prior offenses for speeding, as well as take into account other factors such as endangerment to public safety.

Two Points on Your DMV Record

If you’re convicted of driving over 100 miles an hour in a California traffic court, you will get 2 points on your DMV record. What’s worse is that you won’t be traffic school eligible if you get convicted of driving over 100 miles per hour, so those 2 points are going to stay on your driving record.

Two points on your driving record gets you that much closer to a negligent operator suspension. If you already have two points on your DMV record, you could be looking at a negligent operator suspension immediately.

High Fines

Normally speeding tickets begin with a base fine of $35 and after the State tax called a “penalty assessment” usually end up being between $200-$300.

However, with speeding over 100 mph offenses, the base fine begins at $200 – after the penalty assessment this comes to around $800.

Mandatory Court Appearance

With many Los Angeles traffic tickets, you can simply pay online and be done with it. Not so with speeding over 100 mph cases – there is a mandatory court appearance!

Even thought this appearance is “mandatory,” a traffic ticket attorney can go to court for you if you are unable to make it.

Get Help in Court

As traffic ticket attorney I’ve handled multiple cases for speeding over 100 mph throughout Southern California. If you need an attorney to go to court for you and help reduce the consequences of this very expensive and burdensome ticket, you can reach me below for a free consultation.

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