Traffic Ticket West Covina, CA

If you got a traffic ticket in West Covina, CA, you may be wondering how to proceed next. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, it is my mission to help educate the public and assist them with Los Angeles traffic tickets in cases where I can add real value to the situation.

Moving Violation Traffic Ticket West Covina, CA

The first thing you want to consider is whether your traffic ticket is a moving violation. Your ticket is a moving violation if, as a result of being convicted, you would receive a point on your DMV record. Examples of common moving violations include:

  • Speeding tickets: Speeding tickets can be charged under a number of different code sections, depending on your speed. Common speeding tickets include Vehicle Code (VC) VC 22350, VC 22349(a), and VC 22348(b).
  • Failure to stop.
  • Crossing over a double yellow line.

There are hundreds of other examples of traffic tickets which are moving violations (above are just a few common examples).

If you do not want to fight your ticket in court, but would rather just pay the ticket online, make sure you request traffic school at the time of payment in order to keep the point from going on your DMV record. If you’re not traffic school eligible, you should probably fight the ticket in court to increase your chances of keeping that point off of your record (otherwise, paying the ticket, which results in a conviction, will also result in a point going on your DMV record).

Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket West Covina, CA

If you have a traffic ticket that you have failed to appear on because you forgot about it or because you were unable to make it to court, you will have to deal with GC Services, the collections agency employed by the Los Angeles Superior Court to collect on unpaid traffic tickets.

Further, a 40509.5 hold will be placed on your driver’s license, which will eventually turn into a driver’s license suspension.

You don’t want to pay GC Services if you don’t have to because of several negative consequences that will occur:

  • If your ticket is a moving violation as discussed above, you will receive a point on your DMV record because paying GC services means you’re pleading guilty to the ticket.
  • You will be convicted of VC 40508 (failure to appear) as a misdemeanor which will go on your criminal record.
  • You will pay huge fines and fees, often unnecessarily with no opportunity for reduction.

Also, as long as you haven’t been to court already on your case, you don’t need to pay GC services to clear the hold from your driver’s license. Sometimes GC Services won’t even clear the hold from your license after you pay them.

Fix-it Traffic Ticket West Covina, CA

A fix-it ticket is a ticket considered to be a correctable violation, meaning, if you fix the issue, you only have to pay a minimal $25 fee. Examples of common fix-it tickets include:

  • Window tint
  • Brake light/ headlight/ blinkers
  • Expired tags
  • No registration

Sometimes a fix-it ticket can be resolved at the traffic court window with the clerk. However, if you have a failure to appear in court, you’ll have to set a court date and see the judge.

The important thing with fix-it tickets in West Covina, CA is to remember that once you’ve corrected the issue, you still have to notify the court and let them know you’ve corrected the issued. Many of the failure to appear traffic tickets I deal with on a regular basis involve fix-it tickets where my client didn’t realize follow up with the court was necessary.

Legal Assistance with Your Traffic Ticket West Covina, CA

As an attorney focusing on traffic defense in Los Angeles County, I’ve handled a lot of traffic tickets for my clients in West Covina, CA.

My goal is always to educate the public and to assist my clients with their traffic tickets – if I’m not doing that as a lawyer then I am not making my contribution.

For a free consultation, you can reach me here:

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