Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles

trafficcourtlawyerslosangelesAre Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles Necessary?

Traffic courts are filled with people representing themselves on their own traffic tickets, so why are there are attorneys who handle traffic matters on behalf of other people?

Traffic court attorneys can be extremely valuable and worth your money, depending upon what your specific needs are.

As a traffic court lawyer in Los Angeles, I’ve been able to help thousands of individuals with their traffic ticket fines, DMV licensing issues, and DMV and criminal record issues. This article outlines a few of the benefits of hiring a traffic court lawyer.

Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles Can Appear in Court for You

Some traffic offenses, such as VC 23111 (cigarette litter ticket) and VC 22348(b) (speeding over 100mph) require a physical appearance in court and cannot be handled online. Many of my clients reside out of state or out of county and are unable to appear in court. Sometimes, even if you want to fight your ticket yourself, it’s less expensive to hire an attorney than to travel to court to appear on it yourself.

Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles Can Provide Valuable Advice

When you are dealing with one or more traffic tickets in traffic court, it can be quite difficult to sort out all of the conflicting information you’re receiving from various agencies trying to contact you about your ticket. Examples of such agencies include:

These agencies are staffed by overworked employees who don’t have your best interest in mind. Any “advice” you receive from these agencies should be taken with a grain of salt until you’ve spoken with a traffic ticket lawyer to help you sort out the mess.

I provide a free phone consultation (you can call me at 888-250-8450) in order to help you formulate a plan that works best for you, taking in to account:

  • your budget
  • your goals
  • your driver’s license status
  • your DMV record
  • your criminal record
  • your infraction record
  • your traffic school eligibility

Simply paying a traffic ticket may result in unintended consequences and it can be helpful to get an attorney’s advice before making a move.

Traffic Court Attorneys are More Experienced than You Are

Sometimes, when talking to a potential client, I’ll be asked: “Can’t I just fight my ticket on my own?” and my answer is always “Absolutely!”. You have a right to represent yourself in court as a “pro per” litigant. Sometimes a traffic ticket doesn’t required an attorney’s help. But in many cases, an experienced traffic lawyer can get you much better results in court than if you handled the matter yourself.

Simply put, I’m more experienced than you are in fighting traffic tickets. I know the judges, the courts, the cops, and the rules, and I have several years experience in this area. That being said, I will give you an honest assessment about whether you in fact need to hire me (whether I’ll add any benefit to your case) or whether your better off handling it on your own.

My name is Attorney Paul Denni. I’m a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney and am here to help you if you need it. You can reach me directly at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form below.

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