Suspended License in California? Top 3 Ways To Fix It

suspended licenseThere are many different reasons you may have a suspended license in California. Below is an overview of the most common reasons, and ways to get help.

#1 Unpaid Traffic Tickets

One of the most common reasons drivers get a suspended license in California is due to unpaid traffic tickets.

When you fail to pay a traffic ticket, or fail to appear in traffic court to address the ticket in front of the judge, you will be additionally charged with VC 40508 for failure to appear and DMV will suspend your license.

When you get charged in traffic court with failure to appear, the DMV is supposed to mail you notice informing you your license will be suspended, but if you moved and forgot to update your address with the DMV, you may be surprised the next time you get pulled over by a police officer to learn that your license is in fact suspended.

This in turn can lead to driving with a suspended license charge under Vehicle Code 14601.1.

A knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney can get the 40509.5 hold removed from your license so you can get your license reinstated.

This is the best first step for fighting your traffic ticket in court, as well as for fighting the additional license suspension charge.

#2 You Were Charged with DUI

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI, your driver’s license is usually taken from you on the spot and you are given a pink piece of paper as a temporary license.

You have 10 days after your DUI arrest to request an APS Hearing (“administrative per se” hearing). If you fail to attend the hearing, or if you lose the hearing, you will get a suspended license in California.

A DUI attorney can help you get back on your feet by helping you get a restricted license, or getting you a late APS hearing, while your criminal charges are pending in court.

#3 You Received Too Many Points on Your DMV Record

If you have too many traffic tickets piled up, and those tickets were moving violations, you will get a negligent operator suspension of your license.

The good news is an experienced attorney can help reduce the suspension period or eliminate it altogether by presenting evidence to the DMV hearing officer that convinces them you are actually a safer driver than how it appears.

Get Help with Your Suspended License

Whether your license is suspended due to an FTA charge, a DUI, or for being classified by DMV as a negligent operator, you have rights and options that an experienced attorney can help you access.

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