Speeding Over 100mph? Get Help in Court

porscheSpeeding Over 100mph? It’s Not Your Average Ticket

If you got pulled over for speeding over 100mph under Vehicle Code section 22348(b), this is not your average speeding ticket. There are greater consequences if you’re convicted in court for speeding over 100mph.

What are the Consequences of Speeding Over 100mph?

More Points on Your DMV Record – On a normal speeding ticket, such as VC 22349(a), you are looking at getting only one point on your DMV record, which can be removed by taking traffic school so your insurance rates don’t go up. On a speeding over 100mph ticket, however, if convicted you will receive TWO points on your DMV record.

No Traffic School Available – For a moving violation that results in only one point on your record, you can use traffic school to keep the point off of your record. However, on a two point violation, like VC 22348(b) speeding over 100mph, there is no option for you to use traffic school (not even to keep one of the points off!). Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t stop here.

Potential Suspension of Your Driver’s License – The judge also has the discretion to suspend your driver’s license for up to 30 days. If you need to drive for work, this can cause serious issues with your employment as well.

Mandatory Appearance – Further, most tickets can be paid online. On a speeding over 100mph ticket, there is a mandatory court appearance (but if you hire a traffic ticket attorney, your attorney can go in your place).

Increased Fines –  A normal speeding ticket has a base fine of around $35 (plus a “penalty assessment” which is a state tax). On a speeding over 100mph you are looking at a base fine of $200!

Get Help With Your Ticket for Speeding Over 100mph

Attorney Paul Denni focuses his law practice on defending you in court for tickets such as speeding over 100mph. We aim to get your case dismissed, your fines reduced, your DMV points reduced, and keep the judge from suspending your driver’s license. For help, call us at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form to the right.

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