San Diego Traffic Ticket

Do I Need a Lawyer for a San Diego Traffic Ticket?

Whether you hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket in San Diego is ultimately a personal decision. You want to consider the cost, the value of your time, and the consequences of just paying a ticket or trying to represent yourself in court. What follows below are a few factors for you to consider.

What Type of San Diego Traffic Ticket is It?

A “ticket” is a vague word because an officer can write you a citation for a whole range of activities, including things as small as a speeding violation as well as much more serious charges for a DUI.

Usually it doesn’t make sense to hire an attorney for a minor traffic ticket like speeding because you can often pay the traffic ticket and get trafffic school (to keep the point off of your record) – all ¬†for less or about the same amount as it costs to hire an attorney.

When Hiring a San Diego Traffic Ticket Attorney Makes Sense

Ther are a few situations where it is justifiable to hire an attorney to help you:

  • You aren’t traffic school eligible. In this case, you will get a point on your DMV record if convicted in court of the violation. An attorney can help keep the point off of your record to prevent your insurance rates from rising and to prevent a negligent operator suspension.
  • The offense is a misdemeanor. Several traffic offenses are punishable by time in jail, including driving with a suspended license and a DUI offenses. In this case, since you are facing potential jail time, it’s worth it to hire an attorney to represent you.
  • You have too many points on your DMV record already and are nearing a suspension of your driver’s license due to being a negligent operator.
  • Some tickets require a “mandatory” appearance in court, such as cigarette litter cases. For these tickets, an attorney can go to court on your behalf and resolve the case for you, if you are unable to go to court yourself.

Contact Attorney Paul Denni for Help with Your San Diego Traffic Ticket

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