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San Diego Traffic Attorney – When should I hire a traffic attorney?

If you have a traffic ticket in San Diego, you may be interested in hiring a traffic ticket attorney. As a traffic defense law firm, we handle traffic tickets throughout southern California, including San Diego. But when does it make sense to hire a San Diego traffic attorney? What follows are a few questions you should ask yourself.

1. Am I a Commercial Driver?

If you are a commercial driver (Class A or Class B license instead of the typical Class C license), there are greater implications for getting traffic tickets, particularly moving violations. Since driving is part of your job, if you have an employer (i.e. you are not self-employed), in many cases receiving a moving violation means you become prohibitively expensive to insure, and you can lose your job. You can read more in our article about traffic school for commercial drivers.

2. Am I traffic school eligible?

If you are being cited with a moving violation and you are traffic school eligible, in some cases you can pay the ticket and request traffic school to keep the point off of your record for much less money than it would be to hire a traffic ticket attorney. However, if you are not traffic school eligible, or you are being charged with an offense that results in 2 points on your record, then traffic school is not an option for you and you may want to call a San Diego traffic attorney to help you. You can call us at 888-250-8450 for a free consultation.

3. Am I an out of state resident, or will I be out of state for the next several months?

Hiring a traffic attorney to represent you may depend on whether there is a mandatory appearance in court, and whether you are able to get to court on your appearance date. Some examples of traffic charges which require a mandatory appearance (by either you or your attorney) are:

  • VC 23111 – cigarette litter charges
  • VC 22348(b) – speeding over 100 mph charges
  • Traffic offenses that are being charged as misdemeanors (e.g. VC 12500 [driving without a valid license] or VC 14601.1 [driving on a suspended license]). 

A San Diego traffic attorney can go to court in your place and defend the matter for you. The charges listed above that require a mandatory appearance also usually have more severe consequences than most traffic offenses, which also makes it more worth it to hire an attorney.

Get Help from a San Diego Traffic Attorney

Attorney Paul J. Denni is the managing attorney at California Legal Defense, Inc. and can provide you with a free phone consultation requiring your San Diego traffic offense. Mr. Denni can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at, or in the Contact Form to the right.


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