Negligent Operator – Prevent License Suspension in California

A negligent operator suspension is a suspension of your California driving privileges, due to the accumulation of too many points on your DMV record.

You only receive a point on your DMV record if you are convicted in traffic court or in criminal court of a moving violation.

This is often why it becomes necessary to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney: so you can prevent a conviction of a traffic ticket (such as speeding or running a red light), or a criminal charge (such as a driving on a suspended license charge or a DUI) which, if you were convicted, would result in one or more points on your DMV record.

Prevent a Negligent Operator Suspension in California

If you are convicted of a moving violation too many times and receive:

  • 4 points in one year;
  • 6 points in two years; or
  • 8 points in three years,

then you will get a letter in the mail from DMV explaining your license will be suspended if you don’t take action.

If you do nothing, your license will surely be suspended, usually for between three to six months.

However, you have a right to a negligent operator DMV suspension hearing to contest the suspension of your license. This can be intimidating to handle on your own, and if you are not comfortable testifying in a DMV hearing and defending your right to drive, you can contact me for assistance below.

What Are My Defenses in a Negligent Operator DMV Hearing?

Every driver’s situation is a little bit different. The rules are slightly different if you are a commercial driver or if you have a Class “C” license, but generally, license suspension defenses include:

  • improper counting of DMV points (yep, sometimes the DMV doesn’t add your points up correctly),
  • the types of moving violations on your DMV record, and
  • the hardship it would create (e.g. the necessity of driving in your particular situation).

With a little effort, you may be able to significantly reduce the time the DMV wants to suspend your license, and in some cases you may be able to prevent your license from becoming suspended altogether.

Get Help With Your Negligent Operator DMV Hearing

As an experienced traffic ticket attorney, I’ve handled many negligent operator suspension hearings for my client and have been successful reducing the suspension period or eliminating it so you can continue driving – despite exceeding the number of allowed points on your record.

There is a lot at stake when you face the potential loss of your driver’s license. You can contact me below for a free consultation to get help with your hearing.

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