Moving Violations in California

What Are Moving Violations in California?

moving violations in california

Moving violations in California are violations of the California Vehicle Code which result in a “point” going on your DMV record. The DMV uses a point system to keep track of your driving record so they can determine how safe you are as a driver.

The theory is that the more moving violations you’ve been convicted of in traffic court, the less safe of a driver you are.

Also, California insurers gain access to your DMV record and use any points on your DMV record in their underwriting process to raise your car insurance premiums.

What Types of Violations are Moving Violations in California?

There are numerous California vehicle code sections that are moving violations, which, if convicted of these violations, a point will go on your DMV record in California. Some examples are as follows:

What Happens if I Get Too Many Points on My DMV Record?

Your insurance rates can go up significantly if you get a point on your DMV record. Depending on other underwriting factors, sometimes even a single point on your record can DOUBLE your insurance premium. Also, if you get too many points on your DMV record, you can face a negligent operator suspension.

Is There Any Way to Keep the Point From Going on My Record?

If you are traffic school eligible, successful completion of traffic school will keep the point off of your DMV record. If you are not traffic school eligible, I am a traffic ticket attorney who can potentially keep the point off of your record by fighting your ticket in court.

Get Help With Moving Violations in California

As a California traffic ticket attorney, I can help you plan the best strategy for handling your particular moving violation in California. You can contact me for a free consultation by clicking the button below.

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