Metropolitan Court Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket

Across the street from Metro Court.
Across the street from Metro Court.

Traffic Ticket in Metro Court

Metropolitan Court (aka “Metro Court”) is located on 1945 S. Hill Street in Los Angeles. It is one of the biggest court branches in LA.

A traffic ticket in Los Angeles is not something you normally need to hire an attorney for.

I should know, because I’m a traffic ticket attorney who has handled thousands of traffic tickets in Los Angeles for my clients over the years – all of whom actually needed an attorney.

However, in some cases it doesn’t make sense to hire an attorney, and I will let you know, because I don’t want to waste your time trying to improve a situation where an attorney really cannot add much value.

The situations where  it makes more sense to hire a traffic ticket attorney include:

If you think you may need assistance with your traffic ticket, I can personally provide you with a free consultation. Just click here:

What Happens if I Have Failed to Appear on My Ticket?

Failing to appear on a traffic ticket will cause a host of other problems, such as:

  • your case will be sent to the collections agency GC Services;
  • a 40509.5 hold will be placed on your driver’s license, which turns into a license suspension if you don’t act quickly;
  • your fines will go up substantially;
  • you will be charged with a failure to appear under VC 40508.

Additionally, when you have a failure to appear on your DMV record, this can make your insurance rates go up.

Do I Have to Pay GC Services in Metropolitan Court?

In most cases you don’t have to pay GC Services:

  • If you have failed to appear in court,
  • Haven’t seen the judge yet, and
  • Haven’t made a payment to GC Services in the past under the amnesty program,

then you don’t need to pay them and are still entitled to your day in court.

If you have a failure to pay, rather than a failure to appear, this means you’ve seen the judge already and didn’t pay your fines on time.

Unfortunately, in this situation you have to pay GC Services to clear the hold from your license.

***Note: whether your case is in FTA or FTP status, a ticket in collections with GC Services is no longer holding your license if it is older than five years old. If this is the case, you don’t have to pay GC Services a penny or even handle your ticket in court in order to get your license back!

Get Help from a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Metro Court

Sometimes traffic tickets are deceivingly complex, because you’re dealing with the court, the DMV, and the collections agency all at once.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a straight answer. As an experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I can help guide you in the right direction. You can reach me for a free consultation here:

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