Los Angeles Traffic Court Improvements to Make Your Life Easier

The Los Angeles County traffic court has been making several improvements to its technology over the past year or so.

As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, my goal in this article is to briefly summarize how these technological advances can help you manage your Los Angeles traffic ticket.

Virtual Assistant Helps You with Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket

los angeles virtual assistant

On the LA Traffic Court Website, there is an online virtual assistant now available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Armenian).

The virtual assistant helps walk you through a series of questions to guide you toward the information you need.

Often it can be confusing exactly where to go, who to pay, or what to do with your traffic ticket. The goal of the online virtual assistant is to help you achieve your goals with your traffic ticket, such as pay it or get an extension on your court date.

Limitations of Virtual Assistant: she can’t answer complex questions concerning your driver’s license, the collections agency GC Services, or DMV record outcomes.

Save Time Waiting in Line: Los Angeles Traffic Court Allows Online Scheduling of Appointments with a Traffic Clerk

With approximately 10 million people residing in Los Angeles County, the traffic court lines can get pretty long.

Los Angeles County Superior Court is getting smart and using technology to their advantage: now you can go online to schedule an appointment with a Los Angeles County traffic clerk in order to save time waiting in line.

Think of it like a Disneyland fast pass where you get to come back at an appointed time and cut to the front of the line. It’s more convenient for you, and it’s already making the Los Angeles traffic court lines less congested.

Los Angeles Traffic Court Website Now Allows Partial Payment

The new feature allowing you to schedule an appointment with a traffic clerk is good if you actually need to speak to the clerk, but in most cases it’s not necessary.

You can already pay your traffic ticket online here, but a new option allows you to enter into a payment plan with the court so you can make a partial payment online (before, online options were limited to paying your balance in full).

Traffic Ticket Kiosks are Now Available to Help You Handle Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket

Didn’t make an appointment with the traffic clerk, but still want to save time?

At a limited number of courthouse locations, outdoor kiosks providing traffic ticket services are available if you’d like to:

  • look up your ticket information
  • request an extension on your court date
  • pay and close your ticket (the kiosk accepts cash, check, money order, and debit/ credit cards
  • request traffic school
  • reserve a court date

Currently the kiosks are available at the following locations:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Chatsworth
  • Metro
  • Van Nuys
  • West Covina

Still Not Sure About Your Options? Contact a Los Angles Traffic Ticket Attorney

My name is Attorney Paul Denni, and I’ve helped thousands of people resolve their Los Angeles traffic tickets in a manner that serves their best interests.

If you’re still not sure about the best course of action to take on your Los Angeles traffic ticket, contact me below for a free consultation.

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