How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated in 3 Basic Steps

how to get a suspended license reinstated

To learn how to get a suspended license reinstated in California, you must do each of the following:

  1. Get a copy of your DMV report to see what the root issue is
  2. Resolve all outstanding tickets and warrants
  3. Pay the $55 reinstatement fee to California DMV

Each of these steps is discussed in more detail below.

#1 Get a Copy of Your DMV Report to Discover the Cause of Your Suspended License

This is probably the most important step, because without your DMV report, trying to get your driver’s license reinstated is like feeling around in the dark. As a traffic ticket attorney, after speaking to thousands of drivers over the past decade, it is astounding how many drivers have false assumptions about the true cause of their suspended licenses.

Many of those who have contacted me for a free consultation are shocked to learn the initial cause of the license suspension is actually no longer an issue, due to the DMV purge rule. In other cases, you may believe you have multiple unpaid traffic tickets you must pay off, when in actuality you only need to take care of one or two of them in order to reinstate your license.

To save yourself a trip to the DMV in person, you can actually get a very helpful report online. To get a copy of your DMV report you can follow this link here. It can be a bit confusing for the untrained eye to read, so if you’d like a free consultation, I would be happy to review it for you free of charge. Just call me at 888-250-8450 or use the Free Consultation button at the end of this article.

#2 Resolve All Outstanding Tickets and Warrants

There are many potential reasons your license became suspended. It could be the result of unpaid traffic tickets in collections, outstanding criminal or infraction warrants, unpaid child support, or a negligent operator suspension.

The most common reason I see is traffic tickets from the past you forgot to pay, or criminal cases you never appeared on that now have an outstanding warrant. In some cases, even traffic tickets – which are normally infractions (punishable by fines only), can also result in outstanding warrants.

The good news is, we can help you clear up these tickets and warrants, sometimes in a matter of one to two days, so the DMV holds will be removed, which is an important step in how to get your license reinstated. To get help today, call us at 888-250-8450 or click the red button at the end of this article.

In the case where you have unpaid child support or a negligent operator suspension, we cannot help because your only remedy is to either pay your unpaid child support, or to let enough time pass by after a negligent operator suspension before you can reinstate your license.

#3 Pay the $55 Reinstatement Fee

Once you have obtained your DMV report, discovered the reason for your suspended license (usually unpaid tickets or outstanding warrants), and we have cleared up your outstanding tickets or warrants for you, the only remaining thing for you to do is to pay the $55 reinstatement fee to the California DMV.

Even if you are now an out-of-state-resident, your local DMV will often still require you to pay the $55 reinstatement fee to the California DMV before your local jurisdiction will issue you a driver’s license. Once this fee is paid, the DMV will reinstate your driving privilege and issue you a new license.

How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated Using Our Law Firm

Although there are many different reasons your license could be suspended, we handle all types of situations and have the experience necessary to get you the help you need. To get help today, call us at 888-250-8450, or click the Free Consultation button below.

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