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Hill Street CourtProblems with Hill Street Court GC Services?

If you are having issues with Hill Street Court GC Services, then you are not alone. Metropolitan Court in Los Angeles (the court located at 1945 South Hill Street) is one of the biggest courts in LA County. If you received a traffic ticket in LA County and were supposed to report to the Hill Street Court, but failed to appear on your traffic ticket, then you’ll be dealing with GC Services.

Other issues you’ll be facing are potentially a driving on a suspended charge, or at least a hold your license that will prevent you from renewing it until you take care of this ticket.

But don’t pay GC Services before speaking to me. My name is Paul Denni and I’m a traffic ticket attorney who’s been fighting GC Services for my clients for several years. GC Services is notorious for lying to my clients in order to try and get them to pay, but I can inform you of your rights so you can get better results on your case. You can call me at 888-250-8450 for a free consultation or fill out the Contact Form below so I can contact you.

How Hill Street Court GC Services Will Deceive You

GC Services will deceive you into paying them by telling you you can sign up for their “amnesty” program, but they really are stealing that word “amnesty” from the government program that gives you reduced fines on your traffic ticket (which only applies to tickets received on or before January 1, 2013).

If you’re ticket was received after that date, GC Services will still offer you their “amnesty” which isn’t amnesty at all – it will screw you out of a lot of money.

Also, if you pay GC Services on a traffic ticket in collections, you’ll get a misdemeanor failure to appear on your criminal record. When I fight a ticket in court for my clients, I can get that misdemeanor knocked down to an infraction because as a procedural matter, you can’t get a misdemeanor in traffic court.

Further, if you pay GC Services on an unpaid traffic ticket, you’ll get a point on your DMV record causing your insurance rates to increase dramatically. If I fight the ticket in court for you I have a good chance of keeping the point off of your record by getting your ticket, dismissed completely, amended, or by getting you traffic school.

Don’t Pay Hill Street Court GC Services

When you have a traffic ticket in failure to appear status, it can be confusing because you are dealing with:

  • the DMV
  • GC Services, and
  • the Court.

Often everyone will be telling you different stories about what you need to do to take care of your ticket and clear the hold on your driver’s license. As a traffic ticket attorney, I have your best interest in mind and can advise you on the best course of action in your situation (which in some cases doesn’t mean hiring me at all). For a free consultation, you can call me at 888-250-8450, or use the Contact Form below.

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