GC Services Traffic Ticket Amnesty?

california-traffic-ticket-amnestyGet the Real Scoop on GC Services’ Traffic Ticket “Amnesty” Program

Do you have a traffic ticket in collections with the collections agency GC Services? If so, have they told you about their so-called “amnesty” program?

Beware: The GC Services traffic ticket “amnesty” program is a made up program that’s trying to deceive you into thinking you’re applying for government subsidies, when in reality you may only be pleading guilty on your traffic ticket and failure to appear charge and endangering your criminal and DMV record.

Will the Real Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program Please Stand Up?

There is an actual California Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program which has existed since Governor Jerry Brown signed it into legislation in June of 2015. Under California’s Amnesty Program, you’re eligible for a 50-80% reduction on your traffic ticket fine as long as that ticket was received on or before January 1, 2013.

This is how GC Services is being misleading: GC Services will tell you they’ll clear the hold from your license if you sign up for their “amnesty program,” even for tickets received after January 1, 2013!

What this means is that you’re really not getting amnesty at all. Instead, you’re getting suckered into paying back GC Services even though it may not be in your best interest to do so, and all because GC Services is stealing language from the government in order to make you believe you’re getting some kind of deal on your unpaid traffic tickets.

Should I Pay or Should I Go Now?

My name is Attorney Paul Denni. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I have a unique perspective because I encounter many different agencies on behalf of my clients:

  • the DMV
  • the Court
  • the collections agency GC Services

Each of the above listed agencies may all be telling you different stories about what you need to pay and what you need to do get your license back. What a mess!

As your Attorney, I can help you:

  • get your license back
  • get your case dismissed or fines greatly reduced
  • make all court appearances on your behalf
  • protect your DMV record (from “points,” which affect your insurance)
  • protect your criminal record from a misdemeanor conviction
  • provide legal guidance for you along the way

If you need help with your traffic ticket, you can reach me at 888-250-8450 or in the Contact Form below.

Pros and Cons of Traffic Ticket Amnesty

IF YOUR TICKET QUALIFIES FOR ACTUAL AMNESTY (which, as discussed above, only applies in limited circumstances), you have a few options:

  • You can pay the ticket. Pro: 50-80% reduction on your traffic ticket fine. Con: may be harmful to your DMV and/ or criminal record.
  • You can fight the ticket in court. Pro: opportunity for entire dismissal of your case, lowered fines, reduction of misdemeanor to an infraction. Con: you may not be saving the 50-80% under amnesty in the case where fines are owed to the court.
  • You can pay GC Services. Pro: they will clear the hold from your license, or at least, they’re supposed to but sometimes don’t. Cons: misdemeanor on your criminal record for the failure to appear charge, potential points on your DMV record, high fines.

If you have a failure to appear in traffic court and need help sorting out your rights and figuring out what’s in your best interest, you can reach me at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form below.

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