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Who is GC Services in Pasadena?

GC Services is a collections agency collecting on traffic tickets with a failure to appear throughout Los Angeles County. It’s better not to pay GC Services if you don’t have to.

Do I Have to Pay GC Services in Pasadena to Get My License Back?

Whether or not you have to pay GC Services depends on your exact situation. There are a couple of reasons your case is with GC Services:

  • You failed to appear on a traffic ticket.
  • You failed to pay on a traffic ticket after seeing the judge.

Failure to Appear

In the case where you have failed to appear on a traffic ticket, you don’t have to pay GC Services to get your license clear, and it’s better not to. Attorney Paul J. Denni has handled hundreds of these cases and can help you as well. For a free consultation, call us at 888-250-8450.

Failure to Pay

In the case where you have failed to pay on a traffic ticket, you have to pay this ticket in full before GC Services will release the hold from your driver’s license. The reasoning is, you’ve already seen the judge and had your day in court, so you are not allowed to get another court date.

Tickets Older than 5 Years Old

Whether you’ve failed to pay or failed to appear, there is nothing to stop you from going to get your driver’s license today if your ticket is older than 5 years old. Once a case is 5 years old, the DMV will purge the hold from your record.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay GC Services in Pasadena if You Don’t Have To

In the case of a failure to appear traffic ticket that is not older than 5 years old, you don’t have to pay GC Services. Attorney Paul Denni can still get your license clear, get a court date, and resolve your case in court for far less than what GC Services wants. If you pay GC Services in this case, these are the consequences:

  • you’ll get a failure to appear as a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record;
  • you’ll get a point on your record if the citation was a moving violation;
  • you’ll pay way more in fines than you need to;
  • you’ll get a huge headache dealing with a collections agency that will lie to you, hassle you, and fail to inform you of your legal rights.

Attorney Paul J. Denni can help save you from these negative consequences. You can call Mr. Denni for a free phone consultation at 888-250-8450, or use the Contact Form to the right.

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