GC Services LP – What Happens If I’ve Made Partial Payment?

gc servicesGC Services LP is the collections agency that contracts with Los Angeles County traffic courts to collect on unpaid Los Angeles traffic tickets.

In this article I discuss two common questions I receive from my clients:

  1. Should I pay GC Services LP?
  2. What if I’ve already started to pay GC Services LP – is it too late?

Whether You Should Pay GC Services

If you have an unpaid traffic ticket in Los Angeles County, GC Services LP will do all they can to collect from you.

They will may send you letters in the mail, or they may call you.

They will even lie to you and tell you that you can no longer have a court date, even in cases where you can get a court date.

You don’t want to pay GC Services if you don’t have to, so it’s important to understand when it is absolutely necessary to pay GC Services to clear the 40509.5 hold from the DMV so you can get your license back.

The first rule to be aware of is, any type of traffic ticket with GC Services will no longer hold your driver’s license if the ticket is older than 5 years old, pursuant to the 5 year DMV purge rule.

If your ticket is not 5 years old or older yet, the only time you have to pay GC Services is when you have a failure to pay (FTP), as opposed to a failure to appear (FTA).

With a failure to pay, you’ve already seen the judge so you’ll be unable to get another court date. In this case, you must pay GC Services to clear the hold.

With a failure to appear, you haven’t seen the judge yet, so you are entitled to another court date.

The reason you want to get a court date is because if you decided to pay GC Services, you would:

  • potentially receive a misdemeanor on your criminal record;
  • pay far more for your traffic ticket than if you resolved it in traffic court;
  • damage your DMV record if the ticket is a moving violation.

Many of these consequences can be eliminated if not mitigated by handling the case in court where it belongs.

What Happens When You’ve Made Partial Payment to GC Services

If you have made partial payment to GC Services, you can still get a court date as long as:

  • you are in collections due to an FTA charge as opposed to FTP;
  • you have not made partial payment under the amnesty program – a program which is no longer available but which will render you unable to get a court date if you’ve already entered into an amnesty contract.

In the case where you get another court date after making partial payment, the money you have already paid to GC Services will not be lost. At the resolution of your case in traffic court, the amount you have already paid to GC Services will be applied to any balance owed in traffic court, and any overage amount will be refunded to you in the mail.

Get Help With Your Traffic Ticket

An experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney can handle your case from start to finish, and help you get your license back without paying GC Services, as long as you meet the criteria discussed above.

For a free consultation with me personally, you can text “needhelp” to 44222 or click the green button below.

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