GC Services LP – Don’t Pay Them!

GC Services LP is a collections agency that collects on unpaid traffic tickets for the Los Angeles Superior Court.

If you were issued a Los Angeles traffic ticket and you also failed to appear in court, your matter will be referred to GC Services for collections.

But don’t pay GC Services until you’ve read this article, because you may be unaware of some serious consequences which can occur if you pay GC Services that otherwise could have been avoided if you had handled your ticket in traffic court.

When You Have to Pay GC Services LP

There are only a few limited circumstances when you have to pay GC Services LP. You can actually end up in collections with GC Services for two reasons:

  1. failure to appear in traffic court on a traffic ticket
  2. failure to pay a traffic ticket you’ve already been sentenced on by the judge.

Only in the second case (failure to pay, or “FTP”) do you have to pay GC Services. With a failure to pay, you’ve already had your day in court so you are not entitled to another court date.

If you have an FTA charge however, in this case you are still entitled to see the judge.

Here are three reasons why you DON’T want to pay GC Services on your failure to appear:

#1 GC Services LP Will Cost You More Money

As you are probably already aware, your traffic ticket fine has significantly increased since you failed to appear in court (often GC Serves wants $800 or more for a single traffic ticket).

By putting the case back in traffic court you are giving yourself an opportunity to get your ticket dismissed or your fines significantly reduced, in addition to clearing up your 40509.5 hold that has caused your license to become suspended.

#2 You May Get a Misdemeanor on Your Criminal Record

If you pay GC Services LP, you are missing your day in court. There is no opportunity to negotiate a reduction in fines, or a dismissal of any charges.

Additionally, in some case when you pay GC Services, the  failure to appear charge will appear on your criminal record, even though you were initially only charged with a traffic infraction.

#3 You May Get Points on Your DMV Record

Even if you are traffic school eligible, paying GC Services LP will result in getting a point on your record if the traffic ticket is a moving violation. If you fight the case in court, you’ll have the option of doing traffic school, getting the case dismissed, or negotiating with the officer to amend it to a non moving violation.

Get Help with GC Services LP

As a traffic ticket attorney experienced in fighting traffic tickets in collections with GC Services LP, I can help advise you of your rights and help you find the path to driving again with the least amount of consequences possible.

Everyone makes mistakes, whether intentionally or inadvertently. The past is the past, but the future can be very bright with just a bit knowledge and help from an experienced professional.

If you’d like help with your failure to appear traffic ticket in collections with GC Services LP, you can contact me personally for a free consultation here:

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