GC Services Los Angeles Fines Reduced

GC Services Los Angeles Fines

Who is GC Services?

GC Services is a collections agency that collects money for the Los Angeles Superior Court for unpaid traffic tickets. You may have received a letter or a phone call from GC Services, demanding payment from you. However, in most cases you don’t have to pay GC Services, and you shouldn’t pay them, because:

We are a law firm devoted to getting your GC Services fines reduced. For help, callĀ us at 888-250-8450.

Why Do I Have GC Services Los Angeles Fines?

Many of our clients don’t even realize they had an unpaid traffic ticket. Some of the most common reasons for this are because:

  • you moved;
  • you forgot about the ticket;
  • you didn’t receive a notice in the mail;
  • you didn’t realize you had to go to court on a fix it ticket.

As a result, your case went to GC Services, a hold was placed on your driver’s license (which will turn into a license suspension if you don’t act quickly), and your fines may have quadrupled from the original amount.

Can I Get My GC Services Los Angeles Fines Reduced?

In most cases, we can help get your GC Services Los Angeles fines reduced. We can help when you have a failure to appear, but if you have a failure to pay. To understand the difference, read our article on failure to appear vs. failure to pay.

How Can I Find an Attorney to Reduce GC Services Los Angeles Fines?

We are a traffic defense law firm serving the Los Angeles area, as well as other Southern California Courts. For help, call us at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form to the right. We look forward to helping you get your license back, preserving your record, and getting your fines reduced.


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