Fix Suspended License

Fix Suspended License – Why is my license suspended?

If your license is suspended, it could be for one of several reasons:

In most cases we can help fix your suspended license if you have an unpaid traffic ticket with GC Services or a VC 40508 failure to appear in court and have a warrant. For help, call us at 888-250-8450.

Fix Suspended License – How do I get my license back?

A VC 40509.5 hold in California my be preventing you from getting a license either in California or in another state. To clear the hold, you or your attorney needs to obtain a California DMV abstract to reinstate your driving privileges. Getting a California DMV abstract means you are able to put your case back in front of a judge. We can get the abstract for you AND resolve the case in court, usually for far less than what GC Services wants. Call us at 888-250-8450.

Fix Suspended License – Get Help from a Los Angeles Traffic Defense Firm

We are a Southern California traffic defense law firm owned and managed by Attorney Paul J. Denni. We focus on helping drivers reinstate their driving privileges. Getting your license suspended in California can be frustrating, confusing, and costly. We aim to help you get back on track and to help you get your license back. For help, use the Contact Form on the right or call us at 888-250-8450.

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