Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket

What Happens if I Have a Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket?

In Los Angeles, if you have a failure to appear on a traffic ticket, this can create a whole host of problems for you:

  • a hold can be placed on your driver’s license, which can turn into a license suspension (if it hasn’t already);
  • your fines will substantially be increased;

Is There Any Hope if I Have a Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket?

The good news is, if you haven’t seen a judge yet, I am a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney who can help. I’ve handled hundreds of failure to appear traffic tickets in court. What I do for my clients is:

  • get your holds cleared so you can keep your license or get your license reinstated;
  • take your case out of the hands of GC Services;
  • put your case back with the court;
  • get your fines either dismissed or reduced in court;
  • keep points off of your record so your insurance rates don’t go up;
  • show proof of correction on correctable matters to drastically reduce your fines;
  • keep a misdemeanor failure to appear off of your record be getting it dismissed or reduced to an infraction;
  • make all appearances for you in court on your behalf.

Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket Help

Since I’ve been handling failure to appear traffic tickets for so long, I’ve seen about every time of case in Los Angeles county. Not all attorneys are created equal, or have the same experience. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please contact me at 888-250-8450 or simply fill out the Contact Form below.

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