Failure to Appear Attorney – Get Help in Criminal Court and Traffic Court

What is a Failure to Appear Attorney?

A failure to appear attorney is an attorney who can help you if you’ve failed to appear in traffic court or criminal court.

When that happens, a bench warrant will be issued.

Also, a failure to appear can place a VC 40509.5 hold on your driver’s license, which can turn into a driver’s license suspension.

A failure to appear attorney can handle:

  • warrants;
  • traffic tickets;
  • holds on your driver’s license; and
  • probation violations.

How Can a Failure to Appear Attorney Help?

A failure to appear attorney can help in several ways.

On a criminal case, if you appear in court yourself on a case with an outstanding warrant, you risk being handcuffed and incarcerated.

A failure to appear attorney can go to court for you without you present to engage the court and often can get the warrant recalled without you present as well.

Sometimes, the court will want you as a defendant personally present before the court will recall the warrant. In this situation, your attorney can go and have the court “hold” the warrant until you personally return with your attorney.

Further, your attorney can find out from the judge what the judge intends to do on your case so when you return to court, you can be prepared.

failure to appear attorney

If you have a failure to appear in traffic court under VC 40508, you can’t ignore your case forever. Eventually, when you try to renew your driver’s license, travel across state lines, or drive a car, a warrant or 40509.5 hold can catch up with you.

For example, if you’re driving and you have unpaid traffic tickets, you could get pulled over for something completely unrelated, such as speeding or crossing over a double yellow line.

When law enforcement checks your driver’s license, he may discover that your license is suspended. This can result in a VC 14601.1(a) driving on a suspended license charge.

Additionally, you could be charged with VC 12500 (unlicensed driver) or VC 12951 (driver’s license not in possession).

Failure to Appear Attorney for GC Services Cases

If you failed to appear in Los Angeles County, your case will be sent to GC Services. This can be a huge mess because once your case goes to GC Services:

  • a hold will be placed on your driver’s license;
  • your fines will go up dramatically;
  • you won’t be able to get a straight answer out of them.

As a GC Services attorney, I can help resolve your case in court where the negative circumstances can be lessened dramatically. Benefits of having me handle your case instead of you paying GC Services include:

  • the opportunity to keep points off of your DMV record to keep your insurance rates low;
  • reducing the misdemeanor VC 40508 charge to an infraction;
  • fines dismissed or reduced.

For help with your failure to appear in court, you can contact me for a free consultation by using the contact form below.

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