Exhibition of Speed

exhibition of speedWhat is Exhibition of Speed in California?

“Exhibition of speed” refers to California Vehicle Code 23109, which makes it unlawful to engage in a “speed contest” or “exhibition of speed“.

Speed Contest

The term “speed contest” can be a bit misleading because you don’t have to be racing any vehicle nor do you have to be involved in an actual contest.

“Speed contest” is defined by the California Vehicle Code as either of the following:

  • racing a vehicle
  • racing a clock (or other timing device).

Exhibition of Speed

Another way to be found guilty under VC 23109 is by engaging in exhibition of speed, such as squealing the tires.

How Will Exhibition of Speed Affect My Driver’s License?

If convicted of exhibition of speed, the judge must order your license suspended for six months, but has discretion to allow a restricted license during this period as well.

How Will Exhibition of Speed Affect My DMV Record?

If you’re convicted under VC 23109, you will receive two points (yes two points!!) on your DMV record. This violation is a moving violation which means a conviction results in DMV points on your DMV record.

Also, insurance companies can increase your insurance rates when you receive a point on your DMV record (and they often will, because as an insured they would look at you as an increased risk).

How Will Exhibition of Speed Affect My Criminal Record?

Your criminal record may or may not be at stake when convicted under VC 23109. This is because VC 23109 can be punished as either a misdemeanor or an infraction.

An infraction, by definition, is only punishable by fines. A misdemeanor can be punished by fines, time in jail, or both.

In other words, an infraction is better than a misdemeanor. Obviously, a dismissal is EVEN BETTER than an infraction, but a complete dismissal will happen only in rare cases.

Get Help with Exhibition of Speed

As a Los Angeles traffic defense attorney, I commonly represent drivers charged with VC 23109, whether as a speed contest or as exhibition of speed.

In many cases I am able to get the case knocked down to an infraction so it doesn’t stay on your criminal record. Sometimes we can even keep points off of your DMV record.

Every case is a little bit different, but you can reach me for a free consultation by clicking below.

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