Driving Without Insurance in California

Traffic Ticket for Driving Without Insurance in California

If you got caught driving without insurance in California and the officer wrote you a ticket, you were cited with VC 16028. You have a defense to this charge if you actually were insured, but simply did not have proof.

What often happens with our clients is they forgot (or were unaware of the need) to notify the court they actually had valid insurance on the day of the citation. Consequently, you may have a ticket for driving without insurance in California with an additional failure to appear in court charge under VC 40508.

Consequences for Driving Without Insurance in California

California has pretty stiff consequences for driving without insurance: a fine of $800. Further, if you also failed to appear in court, you these additional consequences will apply:

  • a hold will be placed on your driver’s license;
  • that hold will turn into a suspension of your driver’s license if you don’t quickly take action;
  • you will be charged with VC 40508 which can go on your record as a misdemeanor (if you end up paying GC Services instead of handling it in traffic court).

If you were actually insured on the date of the violation, you have to show proof to the court, and the court usually dismisses the charge for a $25 dismissal fee. If you were not insured for the vehicle you were driving on the date of the violation, then you technically do not have a legal defense.

We can help you get this ticket dismissed in court and get your fines reduced. You can call us for help at 888-250-8450.

Get Help if You Were Driving Without Insurance in California

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