Driving Without Insurance – Get Help With This Traffic Ticket

Driving Without Insurance – Violation of California Law

California Vehicle code section 16028 (a) makes it a traffic infraction for driving without insurance. Under California law, all drivers must be insured.

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without Insurance?

If you are found guilty in traffic court for driving without insurance, because this is one of the most expensive traffic tickets, you will face some hefty fines – usually $800 or more. The good news is that driving without insurance is not a moving violation, so if you’re convicted of this charge you won’t receive a point on your DMV record.

Are There Any Defenses to Driving Without Insurance?

The good news is that as long as you were validly insured AT THE TIME of driving, you can show proof of correction to the court and get the case dismissed (the court will usually charge a $25 dismissal fee). If you were not insured at the time of driving, but were validly insured shortly thereafter, sometimes the court will show you some grace and consider your charge “corrected” and only charge you a $25 dismissal fee. Or sometimes, the court will at least reduce your fees down from the full $800 if you were insured shortly after your offense or had only a small lapse in coverage.

Failure to Appear Charge in Addition to Driving Without Insurance?

It is common for drivers charged with driving without insurance to also receive a failure to appear charge because, although you were validly insured at the time, you didn’t have proof at the time the officer pulled you over and you failed to show proof to the court. This will result in a VC 40508 (a) failure to appear charge in addition to your driving without insurance charge, which can result in a suspended license charge as well.

Get Help With Your Driving Without Insurance Charge

If you need help with your driving without insurance charge, you can contact traffic ticket attorney Paul J. Denni for help with this charge. Mr. Denni can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at TrafficDefenseHelp@gmail.com, or in the Get Help Now box to the right.

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