Don’t Pay GC Services Unless Absolutely Necessary

GC Services is a collections agency that wants your money for a Los Angeles traffic ticket you haven’t dealt with yet. 99% of the time, you do NOT want to Pay GC Services. If you pay them, a whole series of adverse consequences will follow.

Downsides of Paying GC Services

For one thing, when you pay GC Services, you are automatically pleading guilty to your traffic ticket and to your VC 40508 failure to appear charge.

The traffic ticket will go down on your record as an infraction, but if it was a moving violation you will get points on your record without the ability to go to traffic school.

Not in every case, but in some cases paying GC Services results in the failure to appear charge appearing on your criminal record as a misdemeanor.

Also, if you pay GC Services, you are paying the maximum price for everything. There’s no opportunity to show proof of correction, if the charge was a fix it ticket such as driving with expired tags.

When you pay GC Services, there is no opportunity to negotiate with the officer for a non-moving violation, and there’s no opportunity to explain your failure to appear to the judge and get a dismissal or reduction in your fines for the failure to appear charge.

In addition, the amount GC Services will want for your traffic ticket is extremely high – usually 4-5 times the amount of the original ticket.

As long as you have a failure to appear and not a failure to PAY (discussed below), then you are entitled to a court date. Don’t let GC Services hassle you into paying them!

Failure to Pay

The one time you have to pay GC Services is if you’ve already had your day in court (i.e. you’ve seen the judge), the court ordered you to pay a fine, and you didn’t pay your fine on time.

The court will then refer you to GC Services. This is the one time you have to pay, because you’ve already had an opportunity in court to fight it.

Get Help in Court

Getting your ticket out of the hands of GC Services and back in traffic court where it belongs can be a hassle.

If you need help, hiring a lawyer is beneficial to advise you of your rights and to go to court for you.

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