Don’t Pay a Traffic Ticket With GC Services

don't pay gc servicesIf you have a Los Angeles traffic ticket in collections with GC Services, you need to be aware of your rights and your options before deciding to pay them.

GC Services is a collections agency who you may have heard from if you have failed to appear on a traffic ticket or failed to pay a ticket on time.

GC Services will try to collect on two different types of traffic tickets:

A failure to appear means your ticket is still pending, and has not yet been ruled on by the judge.

A failure to pay means your ticket has already been ruled on by the judge but you did not make payment to the court on time as you agreed to do.

You don’t want to pay GC Services on a traffic ticket with an FTA charge because you can still get another date in traffic court  when you have a failure to appear.

The only time you should pay a ticket with GC Services is if it is in failure to pay status, because you no longer have a right to fight the case in court.

The only way to clear the hold (assuming the failure to pay ticket is holding your license under VC 40509.5), is to pay GC Services on the ticket.

Be aware that when a traffic ticket is older than 5 years old, whether it is a failure to appear or failure to pay, the ticket will no longer hold your license due to the 5 year DMV purge rule.

Technically, you still owe on failure to appear and failure to pay traffic tickets that are older than 5 years old, but paying GC Services or fighting the ticket in court is no longer necessary to get back your driver’s license after the 5 year mark.

There are Negative Consequences When You Pay GC Services

If you pay GC Services, you are pleading guilty to the ticket.

This means you’ll get unnecessary DMV points on your DMV record if the ticket is a moving violation and potentially get a misdemeanor failure to appear on your criminal record under VC 40508.

Further, paying GC Services results in paying much higher fines than the original ticket, and it prevents you from ever being able to get the fines reduced in traffic court.

When you have the option, fighting your ticket in traffic court is the much better route to take, specifically when taking into account your DMV record, criminal record, and financial liability.

Get Help from a Traffic Ticket Attorney

As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I can help you get your license back and resolve your ticket in court – much more affordably than it would be if you paid GC Services.

For help with your case, text “needhelp” to 44222 or click the free consultation button below.

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