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What Happens if I’ve Been Bitten by a Dog in Orange County?

If you’ve received a dog bite in Orange County, you may be suffering some pretty terrible consequences. Dogs have very strong jaws, and sharp teeth.

Most dogs would never hurt a human, but if a dog feels threatened or is aggravated for some reason, a dog bite can cause damage to:

  • skin;
  • cartilage;
  • muscle tissue;
  • bones; and
  • nerves.

Depending on the severity of the bite, how deep it is, and to which part of the body, a dog bite can be an extremely painful, costly, and traumatic experience.

How Can an Orange County Dog Bite Attorney Help?

An Orange County dog bite attorney can help you get the treatment you need from the appropriate medical professionals. Not all doctors are created equally – there are some doctors with advanced knowledge about the particular types of issues a dog bite will cause.

A dog bite attorney can also help you recover compensation for the following:

  • pain;
  • suffering;
  • medical bills;
  • physical therapy;
  • property damage;
  • emotional distress.

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What if I Don’t Want the Dog to be Harmed?

You may have been bitten by a dog owned by a friend or family member. Dogs are often “family members” themselves, so dealing with a dog bite can cause strain on relationships.

However, if a dog bites once, there is no reason to believe it will not do so again. It is important to report a dog bite to law enforcement, in order to prevent further injury to others in the future.

If the same dog bites twice (or more), there will be documented evidence on the first bite (assuming it was reported) and this will help officials determine the proper course of action.

No one wants their dog to be taken away, but at the same time, you wouldn’t continue to live with a family member who was hurting others either.

Get Help With Your Orange County Dog Bite

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