DMV Purge – When Does the DMV Purge My Record?

How Long Will an Unpaid Traffic Ticket Hold My License?

california dmv ticket purge

Even if you no longer live in California, an unpaid traffic ticket in California can prevent you from getting an out of State driver’s license until you clear up this ticket in California. If you received a traffic ticket and have a failure to appear in court, normally this will hold your driver’s license and turn into a driver’s license suspension.

The good news is that for really old tickets, the hold will be “purged” after 5 years. This means a ticket that has been holding up your license will no longer be an issue once it is 5 years old. However, you may have to pay a reinstatement fee to the DMV before you can get your license, even though you don’t have to pay the ticket anymore to clear the hold.

Normally the DMV reinstatement fee is about $55.

What if My Ticket is Not 5 Years Old Yet?

If you have a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County with a failure to appear charge that is not 5 years old yet, your license will be on hold and you will be referred to a court collections.

But you don’t want to pay the collections agency GC Services or the court simply to get your license hold removed, because to so is to plead guilty to the ticket and receive a DMV conviction on your DMV record.

This means you:

  • will pay fines significantly higher than the original traffic ticket amount;
  • may receive points on your DMV record if the ticket was a moving violation, causing your insurance premium to rise;
  • may be stuck trying to get GC Services to clear the hold from your license, even though you paid them already.

It is much better to handle a traffic ticket with a failure to appear in traffic court where it belongs, most of all because you can still clear the hold from your license. Also, by handling your traffic ticket in traffic court, you can:

  • get your fines dismissed entirely, if not drastically reduced;
  • get your FTA charge dismissed or significantly reduced from the $300 civil assessment for the failure to appear; and
  • keep points off of your DMV record by getting your ticket amended or dismissed.

If you have an FTA on your Los Angeles ticket, call us today for help at 888-250-8450, or click the Free Consultation button below.

How Long is it Before a Point on My DMV Record is Purged?

A point on your DMV record is never truly purged. However, generally a point on your record will not be considered by an insurance company for the purposes of raising your insurance rates after 3 years.

For purposes of whether your license will be taken away by a negligent operator suspension, you will be notified of the suspension after receiving:

  • 4 points in one year;
  • 6 points in two years; or
  • 8 points in three years.

If you are facing a negligent operator suspension, you have a right to a hearing – but don’t delay, because you will lose this right if you don’t request a hearing within the proper amount of time.

How Long Do Charges Stay on My DMV Record Before They Are Purged?

Convictions may appear on your DMV record indefinitely, but different agencies will consider convictions and points for different periods of time. Insurance companies usually consider:

  • A failure to appear on an infraction in the past 5 years.
  • A failure to appear on a DUI case in the past 10 years.

Various employers may consider convictions and points for different periods of time, depending on company policy.

Get Help Clearing the Hold from Your Driver’s License

As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I have handled thousands of traffic tickets with failures to appear for my clients. I can help you get your driver’s license back in a way to help you pay the lowest fines possible in traffic court.

If you need help getting your license back and resolving your traffic ticket, text me at 949-973-6478.


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