Consequences of Driving Over 100mph

consequences-of-driving-over-100mphSpeeding in Excess of 100mph Has Tougher Consequences

Let’s face it, some people tend to have a lead foot. I have many repeat clients who habitually drive too fast, and consequently get an inordinate number of speeding tickets.

Under normal circumstances when you get a speeding ticket in California, your fines are around $300-$400. Since speeding is a moving violation, you’ll receive 1 point on your DMV record unless you complete traffic school (you’re traffic school eligible if you haven’t done traffic school within the past 18 months).

However, the consequences of driving over 100mph are much greater than for normal speeding tickets!

The punishment for speeding over 100mph is spelled out in California Vehicle Code section 22348(b). The harsh consequences include:

  • Two points on your DMV record
  • No traffic school eligibility
  • Elevated fines (up to $800)
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for up to 30 days, at the judge’s discretion

Can the Consequences of Driving Over 100mph Be Minimized?

In court, the judge has wide discretion concerning sentencing. “Sentencing” refers to the punishment the judge will impose if you’re found guilty under VC 22348(b) for speeding over 100mph.

There are certain things the judge cannot change about your sentence. For example, if you’re convicted under VC 22348(b), you will receive 2 points on your DMV record. The judge has no control over this.

What’s the big deal with points on your DMV record? Well, it means your insurance company is likely to raise your premium because to receive points on your DMV record means you’re a higher than average risk.

Further, if you accumulate too many points on your DMV record, the DMV can suspend your license for 6 months or more due to classifying you as a “negligent operator.” The suspension of your license by the DMV under these circumstances is referred to as a negligent operator suspension.

Under the law, the judge has discretion to suspend your license. This means, the judge can look at the specific facts surrounding your traffic ticket as well as your driving record, and make a determination whether or not to suspend your license, and for how long.

Factors the judge may consider when determining whether or not to suspend your license include:

  • Any prior speeding convictions
  • Aggravating factors making it more dangerous than usual, such as times of the day and areas of the freeway that are prone to higher traffic
  • Your demeanor
  • The officer’s input

Get Help Avoiding the Consequences of Driving Over 100mph

As a Southern California traffic ticket attorney, I defend those who are being charged with VC 22348(b). If there is no conviction, there are no consequences.

In many cases, we can negotiate an amended violation in order to lessen the consequences. For help, you can reach me (Attorney Paul Denni) at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form below.

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