Celebrity Tries to Avoid Los Angeles Traffic Ticket by Using Cling Wrap

los angeles traffic ticketApparently celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay uses cling wrap for more than just keeping his leftovers fresh in the fridge. According to Food & Wine, Chef Ramsay wraps the license plates of his Ferraris (yes he owns more than one) in cling wrap – all in order to avoid getting a Los Angeles traffic ticket for speeding.

Ramsay claims he speeds way too fast to get stopped by law enforcement (this sounds a bit pompous if you ask me), and so the purpose of the cling wrap is to stop the “speeding cameras” in Los Angeles. Ramsay claims the reflective nature of the cling wrap prevents the cameras from taking photos of his license plate.

There’s only one problem: Los Angeles doesn’t use speeding cameras. No county in California uses speeding cameras.

In 2017, AB 342 was a bill brought before Congress that would have allowed speeding cameras, but this bill was never passed.

However, red light cameras are still in effect in Los Angeles County.

I guess if Chef Gordon Ramsay is running red lights at intersections, as well as speeding too fast for law enforcement to catch him, then his cling wrap may be effective at stopping red light camera photos.

Just one thought though: isn’t it odd that one would spend around $250,000 for a sports car (actually, according to Food & Wine he possesses eight Ferraris), but he would actually take time out of his day to wrap his license plates in cling wrap to avoid a $500 or so Los Angeles traffic ticket?

Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Will Cause Grief for Those With Real Problems

Chances are you are somewhat like me: you are not a celebrity and you don’t own eight Ferraris.

Consequently, getting a Los Angeles traffic ticket can be a big pain in your ass, particularly when:

In these cases (and in several others), a “minor” traffic ticket can become a major issue, particularly when your traffic ticket is sent to GC Services, the collections agency.

GC Services will collect on unpaid Los Angeles traffic tickets, and will try to convince you to pay them – even when it is not in your best interest.

The time it is not in your best interest to pay GC Services is when you have an FTA charge, meaning you failed to appear and never went to court.

In this case, your ticket is still pending and you are not convicted yet. Paying GC Services means you are pleading guilty to the ticket, and consequently a point may go on your DMV record and the FTA charge may show up on your criminal background.

But you may not have to pay GC Services, or simply roll over and pay your traffic ticket. There may be many more options available to you.

Get Help from a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

For a free consultation on your Los Angeles traffic ticket, you can reach me personally here:

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