California Traffic Laws

California Traffic Laws – How Much are California Tickets?

California traffic laws can be some of the harshest traffic laws nationally. California is an expensive State to live in, it has a large population, and it has a lot of debt. This means that many traffic tickets in California carry high fines.

Driving without insurance, for example, can result in fines over $800. Add to that a failure to appear charge, and GC Services (the LA traffic court collections agency) may want $2,000 or more from you.

California Traffic Laws – Do They Carry Stiff Penalties?

California, generally speaking, is considered to be a “liberal” state. Consequently, California traffic laws have some stiff penalties. For example, can ashing a cigarette result in mandatory community service? You bet it does: ashing a cigarette in California, under Vehicle Code 23111, results in 8 hours of mandatory community service! Further, ashing a cigarette requires a mandatory court appearance (you can’t simply pay this ticket online).

California Traffic Laws – Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Whether you need to hire a traffic ticket attorney for a violation of California traffic laws is a personal decision. As mentioned above, sometimes a violation of California traffic laws requires a mandatory appearance. If you live outside the State of California, work long hours, or simply don’t want the headache of dealing with the long lines in California traffic courts, it can be well worth your money to hire a California traffic ticket attorney. Also, a good traffic lawyer can help preserve your DMV record, help you save money in court fines, and help keep your criminal record clear.

California Traffic Laws – Get Help With Your Traffic Ticket

If you have violated one of the many California traffic laws, you can contact traffic ticket attorney Paul Denni to learn what your options are. Mr. Denni is an honest and upfront attorney, and will let you know the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a traffic ticket attorney in your specific situation. Mr Denni can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at, or in the Contact Form to the right.


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