California DMV Abstract

California_DMV_headquartersWhat is a California DMV Abstract?

A California DMV Abstract is a method to clear the VC 40509.5 hold from your license, in order to get your driving privileges reinstated with the DMV. It costs $10, but we pay this fee for you when you hire us to clear your license and represent you in court. For help getting an abstract, use the Contact Form on the right or call us at 888-250-8450.

Am I Eligible for a California DMV Abstract?

If you have failed to appear on a traffic ticket in Los Angeles, you are eligible for an abstract as long as you don’tĀ have multipleĀ failures to appear on a single ticket (it’s ok to have have several tickets with one failure to appear each, though).

But even if you aren’t eligible for a California DMV abstract due to multiple failures to appear on a single case, some courts allow a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney to do a “walk-in” and see the judge the same day to release the hold. Call us for help at 888-250-8450.

How Do I Get a California DMV Abstract?

If you failed to appear on an LA traffic ticket, your case will go to the collections agency GC Services. Don’t pay GC Services if you don’t have to. You or your attorney needs to go to the court, calendar a new appearance date with GC Services, purchase an abstract from the court clerk, and put your matter back on calendar. This will have the effect of releasing the VC 40509.5 hold from your license.

Get Help from an Attorney to Get a California DMV Abstract

If you need a California DMV abstract from a court in Southern California, we can go to court and get the California DMV abstract for you, and represent you in court to resolve your unpaid traffic ticket. You can reach us by calling at 888-250-8450 or by using the Contact Form to the right. We look forward to assisting you with getting your license back.

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