Beverly Hills Fix it Ticket with Failure to Appear

Beverly Hills Fix it Ticket – Take Care of Your Ticket

If you received a fix it ticket in Beverly Hills and you failed to appear in court, what was once a minor issue may have soon become a huge mess:

  • now a hold has been placed on your driver’s license, which may have resulted in your driver’s license becoming suspended;
  • you may be facing fines of up to $1000 or more;
  • you may be dealing with extreme frustration trying to get answers or trying to deal with the Los Angeles County court system (we have heard hundreds of horror stories from our clients).

The good news is, as a Los Angles traffic ticket defense firm, we can help you get your license back, get your fines reduced substantially (usually to around $150 or less for this type of ticket, as long as you have proof of correction), and represent you in court so you don’t have to go in person.

To get help, you can call us at 888-250-8450, or click the free consultation form below.

What is a Beverly Hills Fix it Ticket?

A fix it ticket is a traffic violation you received that is correctable. Examples of fix it tickets include:

There are a host of other types of fix it tickets issued in Beverly Hills, such as driving with a broken tail light, driving without a license plate, and window tint tickets. If you’d like help resolving your case in court, call us today at 888-250-8450.

What Happens When I Fail to Appear in Beverly Hills on a Traffic Ticket?

fix it ticket beverly hills

When you fail to appear on a Beverly Hills traffic ticket, you will be charged (in addition to the underlying traffic ticket) with a VC 40508 failure to appear charge and will be sent to court collections. A hold will be placed on your driver’s license, your fines will drastically increase, and what once started as a small issue has now escalated into something out of control.

However, you shouldn’t pay GC Services or the court outright! The best way is to resolve your ticket in a court hearing before the judge, to achieve the best results on your case and save the most money. As your traffic defense law firm, we can usually help you get your fines down significantly, even after our fee to represent you.

Get Help with Your Beverly Hills Fix it Ticket

We have assisted thousands of drivers in Los Angeles County with their fix it tickets, including in the Beverly Hills traffic court. To get help today, please call us at 888-250-8450, or click the Free Consultation form below.

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