The Best Way to Get Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Dismissed

best way to get your los angeles traffic ticket dismissedThe media can make things a bit confusing about the best way to get your Los Angeles traffic ticket dismissed.

DJ Klypso, a popular producer and deejay, recently posted a video on his Twitter account of himself cruising down the 101 freeway in his Tesla on autopilot with his feet hanging out the window (and in the background – a CHP officer on a motorcycle riding up next to him).

Cited by the officer for speeding and using his cell phone while driving, The Blast reported that Klypso – according to Klypso’s own story – got his ticket dismissed by submitting evidence to the Court that the autopilot was working correctly and was accurately measuring traffic.

However, after journalist Ryan Felton followed up on the matter, it turns out the traffic ticket in the Van Nuys courthouse was actually dismissed because the subpoenaed officer did not show up at the trial in traffic court to prosecute the matter.

Interestingly, DJ Klypso is re-tweeting both stories on his twitter feed:

It’s probably safe to trust the story from journalist Ryan Felton, as he is the one who spoke with the LA County Court representative to find out what really happened.

Probably DJ Klypso is just grateful for the media attention.

Is Hoping Your Officer Doesn’t Show Up the Best Way to Get Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Dismissed?

If you want to fight your traffic ticket and play the “cop lottery” (i.e., hope the officer doesn’t show up so that your ticket will be dismissed), there will be at least two hearings you have to attend.

The first hearing is called your arraignment. At this hearing, you have three options:

  1. Plead guilty.
  2. Plead no contest.
  3. Plead not guilty.

If you want to try and get your ticket dismissed, you have to choose option 3, plead not guilty, and set your case for a trial in traffic court.

Your trial will be second hearing you need to attend. At this hearing, the officer is subpoenaed and is supposed to appear to testify against you, and must prove to the judge beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of the offense charged.

But playing the cop lottery isn’t really the best strategy for beating your ticket. You have to have an actual defense, be able to negotiate with the officer, or be able to cross examine the officer so that the judge does not find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is when a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney may be able to help.

Best Way to Get Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Dismissed When You Have a Failure to Appear

If you have a failure to appear on a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County, your case will be referred to GC Services. In this case, don’t pay GC Services!

If you pay GC Services, you won’t be able to get a court date later. The reason you want a court date is so you can greatly improve the consequences of your ticket when you resolve it in traffic court, as opposed to paying the collections agency, such as:

  • get your FTA charge reduced or dismissed;
  • get your ticket fine reduced or dismissed;
  • keep points off of your DMV record if your ticket is a moving violation by getting your ticket dismissed, amended, or completing traffic school; and/ or
  • show proof of correction on a correctable offense such as driving with expired tags in California.

The point is, there are so many more options available to you by handling your failure to appear traffic ticket in court than by paying GC Services.

GC Services will usually drastically increase the fine of your ticket, lie to you about your ability to clear the 40509.5 hold from your driver’s license, and often cause you to be in a worse off situation than you were before.

The Best Way to Get Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Dismissed May be to Hire a Lawyer

Not every traffic ticket situation is in need of a traffic ticket attorney. But often, a traffic ticket lawyer can add a lot of value to your situation, such as when:

  • you have an FTA charge, as discussed above;
  • there is a mandatory court appearance and you are unable to appear personally (your attorney can appear for you with you present in court);
  • you are not traffic school eligible;
  • you have no idea what the heck you are doing.

If you think you may need the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney, please contact me by using the form below, and I’ll personally provide you with a free consultation.

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