4000 Traffic Code with a Failure to Appear? Get Help!

4000 Traffic Code Explanation

Vehicle Code 4000 in California refers to an offense for driving without valid registration on your vehicle. Under normal circumstances, this is a minor offense with an easy fix – you update your registration and you notify the court. However, if you fail to notify the court, you will be charged with a Vehicle Code 40508 charge and things can get messy very quickly.

4000 Traffic Code with a Failure to Appear

Often, when people get cited for driving without valid registration under VC 4000, they don’t realize that once they get the issue fixed (i.e. once they get their registration valid), that they STILL MUST NOTIFY THE COURT.

If you fail to notify the court that you got your registration valid, you will be cited with a failure to appear charge under Vehicle Code 40508. In Los Angeles county, a failure to appear on ANY ticket, including VC 4000, means you will be dealing with GC Services.

If you have a VC 4000 ticket with a failure to appear and are now with GC Services, call us for help at 888-250-8450.

Can an Attorney Help with a 4000 Traffic Code Offense?

If you were given a citation for violating VC 4000 for failure to register your vehicle, in most cases you won’t need to hire an attorney because it is an easy fix (you get your registration valid, and you show proof to the court). But if you additionally have a failure to appear charge and are dealing with GC Services, in this case it makes more sense to hire an attorney.

You can read our article about paying GC Services vs. paying an attorney here.

For help with your VC 4000 offense, call us at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form to the right.

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