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It is time to stop worrying about the future! We can help you carve a path to your career and financial goals, one step at a time, through our legal services.

We started as a traffic defense law firm, and although we continue to serve our clients with unpaid tickets and driver’s license issues, we have expanded into more comprehensive legal services to help you thrive today and leave a legacy behind you.


Unpaid Tickets and Driver’s License Issues


When you discover your driver’s license becomes suspended due to traffic tickets in collections, it can cause stress on your job, your family, and your future.

los angeles traffic tickets

We give you a clear and affordable plan to get your driver’s license back as quickly as possible, so you can drive again in confidence.

After hiring us to resolve your traffic tickets in court for you, you can confidently get behind the wheel again, stop the dangerous snowball of suspended license tickets, and be well on the path toward a more stable future. Find out how to get started below.

Preserve and Protect Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy Behind You with an Estate Plan


Once you begin to save money, and acquire cash and other assets, there are a few simple and affordable things you can do today to save a huge headache later. You can learn more on our estate planning site or by contacting Attorney Paul Denni below.

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los angeles traffic tickets

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