Traffic Tickets Expungements

You do not have to be haunted by your past.

It can be embarrassing, frustrating, or life-draining to discover your license is suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets, or to find out you were denied employment due to a past criminal conviction. 

We can help you get your driver’s license valid (clear tickets in collections with GC Services) so you won’t have to be afraid of getting pulled over by the cops and getting your car impounded.

We can also help your potential employer (and your mother-in-law) recognize you for the star that you are by clearing your criminal record and removing your stigma as a convicted criminal, by clearing your misdemeanor or your felony.

The process is simple:

  1. Get a free consultation
  2. Complete the retainer paperwork
  3. Let us take the wheel and help get you back on track to living in peace and freedom

You can start by requesting a free consultation below.

I hope that in visiting our site, you find the help you are looking for – whether in one of our many blog posts, through a free consultation provided by me personally, or in the future as a client.


Paul Denni

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