Will GC Services Settle?

You may have a traffic citation in collections with GC Services. The problem is, once you have had your ticket referred to collections, GC Services will jack your fees WAY up – far beyond the original amount you owed. So you may be asking yourself: “Will GC Services settle?” This is normal in light of the fact you just want your license back, but GC Services doesn’t really settle anyway (read below for an explanation), and usually you don’t have to settle with GC Services.

Don’t Settle With GC Services if You Don’t Have To

GC Services will tell you that you can no longer get a court date, and that you must pay them. They will even tell you they will release the hold on your license if you pay them a partial amount up front (this was a “new deal” as of January 2013). The “new deal” GC Services offers isn’t much of a deal at all – you end up paying a portion of the amount owed down in order to get your hold released, but you are still locked in to paying the full amount of the inflated balance GC Services says you owe.

What most people don’t realize is that in most cases you CAN get a court date, AND get your license clear, and you don’t have to pay GC Services a cent to do it. The problem is that GC Services will lie to you and tell you that you can’t get a court date, that all you can do is pay. In this case, contact Attorney Paul J. Denni to talk to GC Services for you. Mr. Denni can talk to GC Services and get you the court date you deserve (as long as you are in a “failure to appear” status, but not if you are in “failure to pay” status and have already seen the judge – you don’t get two bites at the apple!).

Get Help With GC Services

It can be a confusing process when you have a ticket referred to GC Services because you are potentially dealing with three separate entities: GC Services, the DMV, and the court. But contact Attorney Paul Denni for a free consultation and he can help you separate the truth from the fiction. Mr. Denni will be able to tell you whether you in fact must pay GC Services to get the hold cleared from your license (only in a few circumstances will you ever have to do this). Mr. Denni can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at TrafficDefenseHelp@gmail.com, or in the Get Help Now box to the right.

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