VC 22348 b Explained

VC 22348 b is a California Vehicle Code section which allows officers to cite you with a traffic ticket for speeding over 100 mph.

This is not an ordinary speeding ticket because the consequences for speeding over 100 mph are much more harsh than other types of speeding tickets.

VC 22348 b Means No Traffic School

For most speeding tickets, as long as you are still eligible for traffic school, you can complete an online traffic school in order to keep a point from going on your DMV record. However, if you are traveling over 100 mph you will not be eligible for traffic school.

Typically, a speeding ticket means you will only receive one point on your DMV record. But if you are convicted of traveling over 100 mph, you will receive TWO points on your DMV record, AND be ineligible for traffic school.

VC 22348 b Could Result in Suspension of Your Driver’s License

Perhaps the biggest consequence of driving over 100 mph is that the judge has the discretion to suspend your driving privileges for up to 30 days. This can be devastating to drivers who depend on their driving privilege to make a living. There is no opportunity to get a restricted license in this case either; if the judge suspends your license for 30 days, there is no way around it.

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