GC Services and Their New “Deal”

If you have a traffic ticket with GC Services, they may ask you: Do you want to take our new deal? It’s really not much of a deal, but what they are offering is for you to make a down payment on the total fine GC Services says you owe (which, by the way, in an inflated amount), and in exchange, they will allow you to get an abstract with the court to release the hold on your driver’s license for that ticket.

Downsides of GC Services’ New “Deal”

The downside of taking the new deal is that you waiving your right to have a court hearing on your matter. If you never showed up in court on your traffic ticket and the reason the ticket is now with GC Services is because you have a failure to appear in traffic court, you still have a right to a court hearing.

Often GC Services will lie to you and tell you there is nothing to do but pay them, but the truth is that if you have a failure to appear in traffic court, you don’t have to pay GC Services. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can get the hold removed from your license, get you a court date, and get your fines reduced or your ticket dismissed with the judge.

Another reason you shouldn’t take the deal is because you’ll be convicted of all charges automatically, and charged the maximum amount for each, PLUS you’ll have to pay GC Services their collections fee. If you have a traffic ticket attorney fight the case for you in court, you have an opportunity to keep points off of your DMV record, get your fines reduced, and get your failure to appear charge reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction (if not dismissed altogether). 

The One Benefit

The one benefit of paying GC Services under the new deal is when you have two failures to appear on the same ticket, because in that case some courts won’t allow a release of the hold on your driver’s license until your court date. Taking the deal would allow the hold to come off as soon as you’ve made a down payment, but remember that you’re waiving a right to a court hearing in this instance and you’re fines will be higher. You’ll also get a misdemeanor on your criminal record. Also, contact Attorney Paul J. Denni to find out whether he can still get the hold off your license even if you have two failures to appear.

Get Help With Your Traffic Ticket in Collections With GC Services

Attorney Paul J. Denni is a traffic defense attorney familiar with GC Services and how they work. He can help you get your license back and resolve your ticket efficiently. Before you pay GC Services, contact Mr. Denni for advice on whether it’s best (considering finances as well as preserving your record) to pay GC Services or to fight your ticket. Mr. Denni can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at TrafficDefenseHelp@gmail.com, or in the Get Help Now box to the right.