Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket?

Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket?

If you received a speeding ticket in Victorville, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire an attorney to help you fight the ticket. The answer to that questions depends on your specific circumstances.

Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket If I’m Traffic School Eligible?

Since a speeding ticket is a moving violation, you will receive a point on your DMV record if you are convicted of the charge, or if you plead guilty to the charge. If you are traffic school eligible, however, the effect of completing traffic school will keep the point from going on your DMV record. If you are traffic school eligible it is usually more cost effective to pay the Victorville speeding ticket rather than hire an attorney to fight it.

What if I am Not Traffic School Eligible?

If you are not traffic school eligible, it becomes more imperative to hire a traffic ticket attorney to keep the point from going on your record. You aren’t traffic school eligible if you have gone within the past 18 months, or if you were speeding too fast (some judges say 20 mph over the limit is too fast, some say 25 mph is too fast). In some cases, getting a single point on your DMV record can cause your insurance premiums to double.

What If I Have Additional Charges?

If you have more charges on your traffic citation than just the speeding charge, you should think twice before you pay a Victorville speeding ticket. For example, if you were driving with no insurance, that charge will cost you up to $800 or more. If you have a 40508 failure to appear, this could be charged as a misdemeanor and go on your criminal record if you pay your speeding ticket. In this case it makes more sense to hire a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney to help you get the count dismissed or reduced.

Get Help With Your Victorville Speeding Ticket

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