GC Services LP is the collections agency that contracts with LA County traffic courts to collect on unpaid traffic tickets. The first question is, should I pay GC Services LP? The follow up question is, what if I’ve already started to pay GC Services, is it too late?

Should I Pay GC Services?

If you have an unpaid traffic ticket, GC Services LP will do all they can to collect from you. Yes, they will even lie to you and tell you that you can no longer have a court date. In most cases, you should not pay a traffic ticket, and specifically you should not pay GC Services LP, because:

  • You’ll get convicted of a misdemeanor failure to appear in court
  • You’ll pay far more for your traffic ticket than if you fight it in court
  • You’ll damage your DMV record (if you fight the case in court, there’s an opportunity to salvage your DMV record and keep your car insurance rates low)

There is one circumstance in which there is no other option but to pay GC Services LP, and that’s when you’ve already plead guilty to the traffic ticket or if you’ve already been found guilty at your trial, you owe the court fines, and there is nothing more for you to do but pay. If you haven’t had your day in court, you have a failure to appear, and you owe on the traffic ticket, that’s the circumstance in which you SHOULD NOT pay.

What Happens If I’ve Made Partial Payment?

If you are like post people who SHOULD NOT pay GC Services LP, as described above, then what happens if you’ve already made partial payment to GC Services? The good news is that as long as you haven’t paid them in full, you still have a chance to get a court date. Just recently, we represented someone who already paid GC Services LP over $400. He had a couple hundred left to pay, but fortunately, he called Attorney Paul Denni in time. Mr. Denni was able to get the client’s license clear, as well as get the ticket completely dismissed for only $100 in this instance. What about the $400 already paid to GC Services LP? That money was refunded to the client.

Get Help With Your Traffic Ticket

Contact Attorney Paul Denni if you need help with your traffic ticket that is now in the hands of GC Services LP. In most cases, attorney Paul Denni can help get your license back, keep your record clear, and keep more money in your pocket, even after lawyer fees. Call at 310-200-4519, email at paul.socaldefense@gmail.com, or use the “Get Help Now” submission form to the right.