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imgresHaving Problems with GC Services Long Beach?

You are not alone. My name is Attorney Paul Denni, and I’m a traffic ticket attorney who’s been dealing with GC Services on behalf of my clients for several years.

I hear common stories from my clients about how GC Services Long Beach will not give them straight answers, and will even straight up lie them. You can call me at 888-250-8450 for a free consultation if you’d like help straightening out fact from fiction surrounding questions about GC Services, your traffic tickets, and your driver’s license.

How GC Services Long Beach Will Screw You

If you have a ticket with GC Services Long Beach you may believe that you have to pay them to get your license back (often, because this is what they will say you have to do).

This isn’t always the case, however. For example, if you have a 40509.5 hold due to a failure to appear in Long Beach court, I can still get you a court date to see the judge. It is your legal right!

Often GC Services will lie to you and tell you there is nothing you can do but pay them. But don’t pay GC Services until you know all of the negative things that could happen:

  • you’ll get a misdemeanor failure to appear on your criminal record under VC 40508;
  • you’ll get a point on your DMV record causing your insurance rates to increase (if your ticket involved a moving violation);
  • you’ll pay 4-6 times the original amount of the ticket;
  • they may fail to clear the hold from your license even after you’ve paid them;
  • and the list goes on…

As a traffic ticket attorney, when I fight your ticket in court, I can dismiss the failure to appear or at the very least get it reduced to an infraction so it stays off of your criminal record.

As for the traffic ticket itself, I’ll get it dismissed, amended, or reduced significantly to keep your overall fines low and keep the point off of your DMV record (when applicable). I can also clear the hold from your driver’s license so you can get your license reinstated, or so you can prevent it from becoming suspended in the first place.

Finally, I can make all court appearances for you so you don’t have to mess with it, and I can talk to GC Services for you so you don’t have to get another migraine.

Get Help with GC Services Long Beach

If you need help dealing with GC Services, the court, and the DMV, my name is Paul Denni and I’m an attorney who represents your best interests and helps sort out all of the conflicting and confusing information you may have received from these different entities.

You can call me for help at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form below to get in contact with me.

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