Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear

Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear Consequences

If you have a fix it ticket failure to appear in the Los Angeles area, there are several negative consequences that will occur. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I have handled hundreds of these tickets and help my clients get back on track. Here’s what will happen with a fix it ticket failure to appear:

  • a 40509.5 hold will be placed on your driver’s license which will result in a suspension of your driver’s license if you don’t take action;
  • you will be charged with a VC 40508 failure to appear as a misdemeanor (criminal) offense;
  • you will be referred to GC Services, an annoying and untruthful collections agency;
  • your fines on an otherwise inexpensive ticket can become outrageous.

The good news is, you don’t have to pay GC Services in most situations in order to get your license back. Further, most of the negative consequences of a fix it ticket failure to appear can be reversed. If you need help, you can call me (Attorney Paul Denni) for a free consultation at 888-250-8450.

Why You Don’t Want to Pay GC Services on a Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear

A fix it ticket includes citations like:

  • driving with expired registration;
  • driving without insurance;
  • improper window tint; and
  • driving with a broken tail light.

An officer will usually issue you a citation and tell you to correct the matter. What people don’t realize, however, is that once they have corrected the issue, they still have to notify the court!

This results in all of the negative fix it ticket failure to appear consequences discussed above. Many people make the additional mistake of paying GC services in order to clear the hold from their license. However, this results in paying way more in fines than needed and it also results in a misdemeanor failure to appear on your criminal record.

Get Help With Your Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear

As a traffic defense attorney, I can:

  • go to court for you and show proof of correction on your behalf to get your original fines reinstated (usually the court will charge a $25 dismissal fee);
  • get your misdemeanor failure to appear charge reduced to an infraction (or possibly dismissed, depending on your reason for failing to appear);
  • get your failure to appear fines dismissed or reduced;
  • help save you money under what GC Services wants, even after my fee to represent you.

To get help with your fix it ticket failure to appear, you can call me at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form below.

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