Metropolitan CourtFailure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles – Why Do I Have a Failure to Appear Charge?

We have represented hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles with a VC 40508 failure to appear charge. You may not have even known you’ve failed to appear in traffic court until:

  • you’ve received a letter from GC Services;
  • you got pulled over for a traffic ticket and the officer informed you your license is suspended; or
  • you tried to renew your driver’s license but the DMV told you that you had an unpaid traffic ticket in Los Angeles.

No matter how you discovered you failed to appear in court, we can help you fix the situation. Call us at 888-250-8450 for a free consultation.

Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles – What are the Consequences of Failing to Appear?

When you fail to appear in traffic court, there are several potential consequences:

We can help you with any of the above scenarios. Call us at 888-250-8450.

Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles – What are My Options if I’ve Failed to Appear?

If you have a ticket with GC Services, they will try to convince you to pay them. But don’t pay GC Services if you don’t have to. We can help you get your license back and reduce your fines in court, usually saving you an amount of money far below what GC Services wants.

You can always represent yourself, but it makes more sense to hire a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney when you have a failure to appear, particularly when you were additionally charged with driving on a suspended license. Call us at 888-250-8450 for a free consultation.

Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles – Get Help from a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

Attorney Paul J. Denni has a passion for helping people get their driver’s licenses back, because to be able to drive creates incredible freedom and opportunity. For a free consultation with Mr. Denni, call us at 888-250-8450 or use the Contact Form to the right. We look forward to assisting you with your case!