Driving Without a License Ticket in California

If you received a ticket for driving without a license in California, you were likely cited under Vehicle Code section 12500. There are two main reasons for being cited under VC 12500:

  • you were validly licensed, but in another State; or
  • your California license has expired.

Under the first scenario, many officers incorrectly cite drivers with VC 12500. If you have a valid license from another State, you are not required to have a California license, unless you have established residency in California. Residency is usually shown by factors such as:

  • where you own a home;
  • if you are in California for a temporary reason, such as school or part time work;
  • where you pay income taxes and property taxes;
  • how long you have been in California for.

If you were driving with a valid out of State license, you may also have been cited with VC 12502.

Consequences of a Driving Without a License Ticket in California

A VC 12500 offense is known as a wobbler offense, meaning it can be filed either as an infraction or as a misdemeanor.

If you are charged with VC 12500 as an infraction, you are facing potential fines beginning with a base fine of $75 plus a penalty assessment (a penalty assessment is a multiplier of roughly 4 tims the base amount).

If VC 12500 is filed as a misdemeanor, the potential consequences are $100 + penalty assessment, and time in jail for up to 6 months.

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Get Help With a Driving Without a License Ticket in California

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